Marketing is a big, complicated job, even for a relatively small company. On any given day, a marketer might be preparing for a tradeshow, ensuring that a salesperson has everything she needs for a big presentation, and reviewing the next phase of development of a new website. And that’s before lunch.

Content development is a big part of the marketing job. It is well established that B2B buyers review eight or nine pieces of content, on average, before making a purchasing decision. Blog posts are widely used in the early stages of the buying process, followed by whitepapers and case studies. But organizations also need all manner of supporting content, from data sheets to web content to press releases.

If you’re a marketer, you know how hard it can be to get the focus time needed to develop high-quality content. That’s why it often makes sense for in-house marketers and agencies to partner with a professional writer.

A professional writer can execute on your content marketing strategy while you continue with all of your other marketing activities. Ideally, you should develop a close working relationship with the writer rather than simply lobbing assignments her way. You will be able to keep her apprised of your organization’s current business strategy and the types of customers you are hoping to attract. This will enable her to strike the right tone and develop impactful messaging that’s tailored to your target audience.

Remember, content marketing isn’t the same as old school copywriting. You want content that advises, informs and entertains rather than overtly promoting a product. The right content will encourage long-term engagement with your target audience, which may include influencers as well as actual prospects who will buy your product or service.

If you partner with a writer who understands your organization’s industry, your job gets even easier. The relationship will be more of a two-way street as she will be able to help you develop your content strategy and editorial calendar. She will know what’s going on in the industry and can write content that helps drive events, marketing campaigns and more.

Marketers shouldn’t be threatened by a professional writer. On the contrary, a good writer will want to help the marketer be as successful as possible. After all, the writer’s success depends upon the marketer’s success.

If you’re having trouble keeping your organization’s blog going on a regular cadence and can’t even imagine finding the time to write a whitepaper, you should consider partnering with a professional writer. Let her focus on content development while you execute on your organization’s overarching marketing strategy.

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