The term “content marketing” is often misused, frequently lumped together with social media and search engine optimization (SEO). In reality, social and search are subsets of a broad content marketing strategy.

Content marketing is designed to communicate your story, facilitate the buying process and create trust — and that takes more than a Tweet or a bunch of key words. And if content marketing is done right, SEO and social media engagement will follow naturally and drive customers and prospects to that content.

CMS is focused on content marketing in its broadest sense, helping organizations stay competitive and drive sales through an array of content assets. These assets range from core corporate content to material for sales and nurturing campaigns, as well as content that attracts prospects and establishes thought leadership. Search strategies frequently change, and social media trends come and go, but the value of content marketing only grows.

Here Is Where Cooper Marketing Solutions Comes In

We have a proven track record of success creating relevant, compelling content across the customer lifecycle. Our turnkey services include strategy and planning, design and delivery, content curation, and search engine optimization (SEO). We can also help you establish best practices for managing the creation, organization and dissemination of your content assets.

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