Organizations in a wide range of industries rely upon content marketing to drive sales, establish thought leadership and position their brands. Why? Because content drives today’s buying decision. Buyers seek out expert insight, customer testimonials, and in-depth information on products and services long before they speak to a salesperson.

This is particularly true in the IT industry, where rapid change, complexity and potential disruption complicate the buying decision. Content-based marketing is an effective vehicle for educating non-technical business people about IT solutions that can help solve business challenges and meet business goals.

CMS is and always has been focused on content marketing within the IT space. We know how to develop an optimized content marketing strategy finely tuned to the needs of technology providers. And with our top-notch technical journalists and editors, strong production skills and technology investments, we are ideally positioned to execute that strategy efficiently and cost-effectively.

Here Is Where Cooper Marketing Solutions Comes In

We have a proven track record of success creating relevant, compelling content across the customer lifecycle. Our turnkey services include strategy and planning, design and delivery, content curation, and search engine optimization (SEO). We can also help you establish best practices for managing the creation, organization and dissemination of your content assets.

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