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Newsletters: The Bookends of Your Content Marketing Strategy

You’ve probably read this statistic: It can take up to 17 touchpoints for a prospect to become aware of your product or service. In other words, you need as many as 17 interactions with a prospect at the top of the funnel before moving on to the nurturing phase. At the other end of the spectrum,…
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Time Is Money but Is Shorter Always Better?

In today’s marketplace, brands are competing for prospects’ time as well as their money. There’s a wealth of information and entertainment out there, free for the asking. If brands want to use content to attract prospects and encourage them to buy, it had better be good. But to be good does it have to be…
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Guests Blog Posts and Articles Can Extend the Reach of Your Content

One of the biggest challenges in content marketing is getting your content noticed. It’s a Catch-22 situation: You need great content to attract readers to your website and get them to sign up for your newsletter or blog. It takes time to build that audience, however, and you may feel like all that content is…
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A Professional Writer Can Make a Marketer’s Job Easier

Marketing is a big, complicated job, even for a relatively small company. On any given day, a marketer might be preparing for a tradeshow, ensuring that a salesperson has everything she needs for a big presentation, and reviewing the next phase of development of a new website. And that’s before lunch. Content development is a…
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Are You Providing Buyers with Content that Enables the Purchasing Decision?

It’s been said that organizations are drowning in information but starving for knowledge. I think this is especially true for IT decision-makers, who are bombarded with marketing content that does little to help them select technology products and services. Many B2B marketers have built their content strategy on the “more” model — more content means…
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The Gated Content Debate

In my last post, I discussed the long-term value of whitepapers in any content marketing strategy. Whitepapers are commonly used to support lead-generation campaigns given that prospects will often provide information in exchange for good content. Many organizations also leave whitepapers on their websites indefinitely, often behind a form that visitors must fill out to…
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