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Whitepapers: The Content Gift that Keeps on Giving

Are you incorporating whitepapers in your content marketing strategy? If not, you should be — whitepapers can deliver value long after they’re published. But it’s critical that you do them right. A whitepaper is a type of long-form content that addresses a problem or issue in some depth. The term was originally applied to reports…
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What to Expect When You Engage a Professional Content Writer

In my last post, I explained why it’s not possible to get high-quality content for pennies a word. It’s simple economics — you can’t expect someone to conduct research and write an insightful blog post for $20. You may (or may not) get grammatically correct sentences, but good writing is more than proper grammar. So…
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No, You Can’t Get Good-Quality Writing for a Few Pennies a Word

What do you think content development is worth? Put another way, how much are you willing to pay? These are important questions to ask as you embark on a content marketing strategy. A quick search for blog writing, as an example, will yield an array of price points — many breathtakingly low. Can you really…
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Content Marketing Is the Most Effective — and the Most Difficult

In its recent Inbound Marketing Strategy Report, Ascend2 and its research partners graded nine inbound marketing activities according to their effectiveness and difficulty. The scales for both metrics ranged from 0 percent to 70 percent. Social sharing scored lowest, at about 9 percent effectiveness and 5 percent difficulty. Seven other activities — including press and…
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CMS marketing automation

What Are You Automating with Marketing Automation?

Technology providers and managed services providers (MSPs) are all about automation. They invest in tools that automate a wide range of tasks, such as monitoring systems and networks and patching PCs and servers. Automation makes them more efficient and helps ensure that these tasks are done right, on time, every time. When technology providers and…
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CMS content is king

Why the Right Content Really Does Matter

We’ve all heard that “content is king.” Most of us understand that you need a wealth of content to support marketing initiatives and create thought leadership. And the technology industry is awash in content. Vendors are continually producing blog posts, press releases and whitepapers about their products. They develop microsites and RSS feeds that generate…
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