We’ve all heard that “content is king.” Most of us understand that you need a wealth of content to support marketing initiatives and create thought leadership.

And the technology industry is awash in content. Vendors are continually producing blog posts, press releases and whitepapers about their products. They develop microsites and RSS feeds that generate a constant flow of material. They create ready-made campaigns with email copy and articles — just plug in your company name and logo. Trouble is, many other technology providers are doing the exact same thing.

There are also a number of firms that will license blog posts and content for a nominal fee. The content isn’t unique — Google it and you’ll get hundreds of hits, a testament to the popularity of these low-cost services.

But wait a second. Hundreds of hits of the exact same content? Scores of partners reproducing identical vendor materials? Is that going to create thought leadership? Does that promote your business?

Before you reuse someone else’s content, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the content reflect the value proposition of our solutions?
  • Is the content engaging enough to drive traffic to our website or encourage social shares?
  • Does it offer unique insight or a different perspective that helps educate customers and prospects?
  • Does it make our customers feel special, and keep them informed?

You should also consider the search engine optimization (SEO) implications of mass-produced content. While focused content curation and reuse will not hurt your website’s search ranking, a blog filled with the same posts found on hundreds of other websites is likely to have a negative impact on SEO.

As with anything else, quantity does not equate to quality and less is often more. By focusing on the right content, you can better position your products and services and convey your unique value proposition.

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